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  • end-of-life
    End of Life Care

    The practice of medicine must adapt to meet evolving practical and ethical challenges of an aging population, in addition to ongoing improvement in the technological capacity to prolong life. To meet these challenges, doctors need to incorporate better care at end of life into routine practice...Read more

    Collaboration and Connectivity Integrating Care in the Primary Health Setting

    The attached Report is some 30 pages in length. To assist interested readers, we have summarised below the principal points made in the Report, together with an index reference where additional remarks and/or observations may be found. Of all the industries whose consumers stand to benefit from the ...Read more

News & Analysis

    NEW PC Report: Efficiency in Health

    A new Productivity Commission research paper — based on views offered at a roundtable held with health policy experts, including the Australian Centre for Health Research (ACHR) — has found that there are significant opportunities to improve the efficiency of Australia’s health care system...Read more

  • Frances Hughes
    Nurses push ahead with endoscopies

    A controversial nurse endoscopy scheme will forge ahead, despite public opposition from Australia’s peak gastroenterology body. Under the scheme, trained nurse endoscopists perform colonoscopies, flexible sigmoidoscopies and upper GI endoscopiesas part of a multidisciplinary team, after completing...Read more


About ACHR
About ACHR
ACHR is a hub for health system reform using evidence and collective problem solving to impact health policy and practice. As a leading independent, not-for-profit public policy research institute, we work to design effective health system strategies that address persistent gaps in…Read more

Issue Briefs

  • ACHR Healthworkforce 2020
    Healthcare Workforce

    Australia’s health workforce is under pressure and must undergo significant transformation to meet the rapidly rising demands for healthcare. If Australia is to continue to have a high-quality health system that is sustainable and affordable, we need to look at how the workforce can provide health...Read more

  • end-of-life
    Delivering better end of life care

    End of Life Care is about improving the quality of care and experience for all patients at the end of their life, and supporting their carers and families, regardless of their condition, setting, or social and personal circumstances. End-of-life care is now recognised as a priority for health system...Read more

  • predictive-analytics
    The Value Of Predictive Analytics In Health

    Worldwide, there is currently more information generated in a single day than we could possibly absorb in an entire lifetime. Predictive analytics is the analysis of current and historical data elements to make predictions about future events and trends. This is particularly valuable as the healthca...Read more

Conversations on Health Reform

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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MEET THE EXPERT: Walter Kmet – Path to a Primary Health Network

August 20 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
The Rocks, Sydney NSW Australia