ACHR will Bend the Curve in 2017

ACHR will Bend the Curve in 2017

Our health, disability, aged care systems stand at a crossroads: down one road lies increasingly higher costs that will continue to strain public and private spending; down the other, a leaner, more efficient future of High-Value Care and improved health for all Australians.

Although we aspire to the latter path, the divide between the aspirations and the reality is significant. Too much of the care we provide today is inefficient, ineffective, duplicated and ultimately wasted.

The resulting high cost is a heavy burden for funders of care – government and health insurers – as well as for Australian households, who feel the pain in the pocket, through higher taxes and higher insurance premiums, and reduce access to care services.

In the battle to control healthcare spending, the stakes are high. At ACHR we strive to obtain greater value for our health and care dollars and achieve better care at a lower cost.



In 2017, ACHR will be launching the Bend the Curve Campaign to help bridge this divide. Bend the Curve is focussed on innovative approaches to achieving High-Value Care across the health, disability and aged care sectors.

And because paying more doesn’t always get you more, the key outcome is better quality care at a lower cost and to promote access to affordable, quality care.

This Campaign will support health leaders’ efforts to lower care costs by identifying specific areas of waste and inefficiency that together drain billions from the health and human services system each year, as well as identify steps that can be taken to curb unnecessary spending while enhancing the quality of care or, in the worst case, not adversely impacting care quality.

This program of work is intended to provide data, evidence and experience to make the case for solutions that can be readily implemented and promoted.



Only with all stakeholders at the table is fixing care services possible. The cross-sector collaborators of the Bend the Curve Campaign are all dedicated to High-Value Care and to transforming the care systems through collaboration and innovation. Each is working hard to ensure patients have access to better quality care at a lower cost – reducing the costs of care for Australians and making quality care more affordable again. This network of care organisations is a nucleus for consensus solutions that cut across traditional silos,  drive policy change and shape the future of care in Australia.

We ended last year with a number of Bend the Curve workshops and Chatham House C-suite meetings to refine specific topics, identify key enablers and policy actions, as well as identification of existing data collections. Due to high interest, these will be expanded in the Q1 of 2017. Shortly after, an evidence-based analysis of each priority topic will follow.

Each of the Bend the Curve specialist investigative topics includes a policy brief that provides details on the scope and causes of waste, describes “proven practices” that have already been implemented to curb waste, and recommends practical “policy actions” to improve the efficiency of the systems. In addition, each topic includes a “Case Interview” highlighting real-world experiences from collaborating care leaders, and “Case Studies” detailing successful interventions told in the words of the implementers themselves.

The Bend the Curve program aligns with a consumer campaign to help build health literacy and support consumers to expect and request High-Value Care from their health, disability and aged care services.

More information and tools will be made available on the Bend the Curve Campaign’s website, (online in Feb 2017).

These tools are being designed to be used in organisations and communities to identify, educate and implement successful solutions to the wicked problems in health and human services, care inefficiencies and waste. Change will not happen overnight, but now is the time to begin our shared work to create High-Value Care.